Billion Dollar Body Mens Coaching

Billion dollar body is where business men achieve health and wealth.

The #1 lifestyle brand for businessmen to have success without the sacrifice. To experience thriving health,wealth, and relationships. Men look and feel like a billion bucks. And, a sense of community we call the brotherhood where we redefine what it means to be successful businessmen.

The Mission

The Billion Dollar Body is challenging men to become their best selves. We are re-defining what it means to be a modern day businessman. Too many men are sacrificing everything to gain wealth only to lose it all. We want to prevent that. We are currently giving men hope that by helping men destroy addictions, overcome suicidal thoughts, make more money, find best friends, marry the woman of their dreams, find confidence, impact people’s lives, and literally change their future generations based on the leader they are becoming.
I’m Nicholas Bayerle, and I founded the Billion Dollar Body with the help of my inspirational wife, Amanda. I have a huge vision for my life, for your life, and for this community. That’s because I transformed my entire world through fitness and saw how it deeply impacted my income, my marriage, and my outlook on the power of each of our lives. I know what exists inside of each man – confidence, purpose, strength, and a drive to excel and succeed. Too often though, men become misguided or distracted and quickly forget how valuable they are. I created The Billion Dollar Body to help each man to return to their true self – to push their body and mind to the limit – to actively grow and be accountable to the bigger vision of their life. Through the cornerstone of fitness and health, each member of this motivated brotherhood is dedicated to serving their own desires and goals, as they commit to looking and feeling like a billion bucks.