Frequently Asked Questions

Men F.A.Q

How does OC Dream Date offer a comparable dating experience of a high-end matchmaking service at a fraction of the cost?

We believe that a high level of service should never be compromised, even at affordable prices, and so have developed our select vetting process that incentivizes women to join and makes them eager to want to meet you. At OC Dream Date, we also do not believe in outsourcing clients to representatives at call centers. Instead, you will always be working with an experienced matchmaker who will oversee all aspects of screening, in-person verification, and the setting up of your first date. Lastly, we are niche specific in that we are the only premier personalized service that delivers beautiful women at an affordable price.OC Dream Date levels the playing field to give all men the opportunity to meet the caliber of women who normally would only be available in a millionaire matchmaking service.  Men, here is your opportunity to make it happen. It all begins with an introduction through OC Dream Date!

How does your executive level matchmaking process work?

The process begins with a consultation in which you discuss your qualifications and criteria, and what your relationship goals are. We will then follow-up with profile matches to ensure that we have the women who fit your specific description. Once you become our client, we will continue to send you profile matches and only set up first dates upon your approval. Our streamlined process compresses your dating timeline as many of our clients have found success in their first few matches. We are very much invested in your success as most of our business comes through referrals.

How does OC Dream Date attract its large inventory of beautiful women?

Number one, we compensate women in our registry a signing bonus for first dates. Signing bonuses are frequently utilized for highly valued recruits in many industries such as sought after models, athletes and executives.  We bring this similar concept to your love life as we are searching for an ideal partner.  Our goal is to only present you with the very best.  Number two, our vetting process allows us to be extremely discriminating as to which women are allowed in our registry. In addition, only one introduction with each Spokesmodel will be allowed through us and any further dates must be arranged on your own.

How does OC Dream Date compare to other traditional dating services that take both men and women as clients?

Personalized matchmaking services where women spend thousands of dollars are mostly comprised of older women. It is simply a reality that beautiful women in the 20s and 30s do not pay thousands of dollars to join a dating service. As a result, the opportunity for men to date considerably younger women is unavailable from these services, which often are just trying to fulfill the contracts of their older women clients. So the men are subsequently pushed to date women their own age. Such services also offer little transparency. Profile matches are not sent prior to signing up and blind dates are the norm with such services. OC Dream Date not only quotes membership prices over the phone (with the same standard pricing for everyone), but we also will never outsource you to a call center, which is common practice among many dating services.

Why should I sign up for a personalized service like OC Dream Date when there are cheap and free online dating sites?

In-person screening and verification is unavailable from online dating sites and that in and of itself is the biggest drawback to online dating. Beautiful women also receive hundreds of responses at such sites so men’s odds are greatly stacked against them. Given that time is money, in the end, a “free” site can cost a man thousands of dollars or more. We go above and beyond random computer-generated matches since we understand that matchmaking is a subjective process. And finally, most of the women in our registry are not on online dating sites as they are too socially active to use them.

Do I have to be marriage-minded to join a service like yours?

Absolutely not!  We believe that such a notion may be outdated for some in our modern world. It is up to you if want a long-term relationship but we do want clients that are serious about dating.

What are the age demographics of OC Dream Date?

The women in our registry range from ages 20 to 30s.  We are able to provide our services to men up to 50s